Study Strategy at the RSE

The Nobel Laureate Tom Schelling, in his 1960 classic The Strategy of Conflict, defined 'strategic' as a term, “intended to focus on the interdependence of adversaries’ decisions and on their expectations about each other’s behaviour."  Strategic situations surround us in business, in sport, in politics and in life, and the Research School of Economics offers a number of courses that can help you master strategic decision making.  While the tools and analysis of strategy permeate most of the courses we offer, Strategic Thinking: An Introduction to Game Theory (ECON2141) offers an explicit introduction to the analysis of strategic situations using examples from economics, business, politics, sport, evolutionary biology and other areas.    Game Theory (ECON8076) is a more advanced and sophisticated treatment of game theory for graduate students.  Finally, the sequence Managerial Economics (ECON2014) and Industrial Organisation (ECON3057) focus on business strategy more directly.

No matter your field of interest, strategic thinking is relevant to it and economics can help you understand it. Why not look into adding some of these courses to your program of studies?


ECON2141 Strategic Thinking: An Introduction to Game Theory (P)

ECON8076 Topics in Game Theory

ECON3057 Industrial Organisation

ECON2014 Managerial Economics

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