Chung Tran

Research School of Economics

Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: +61 2 612 55638
Office: Room 2086, LF Crisp Bld (26)

 Chung Tran


  1. ARC Center of Exellence on Population Ageing Rearch (CEPAR), ARC Early Career Fellowship & Research Grants, 2012-2017 [AUD 200,000+]
  2. Bank of Japan (BoJ), Visiting Scholar Fellowship, 2015 [JPY 2,500,000]
  3. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), U.S.A., Research Grant, 2012-2013 [USD 134,000]
  4. Agency for Healthcare Rearch and Quality (AHRQ), U.S.A., Research Grant (R03), 2010-2011 [USD 66,787]


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  2. “Temptation and Taxation with Elastic Labor,” Economic Modelling, Vol. 70, April 2018 [ABDC List: A]
  3. "Comparing Budget Repair Measures in a Small Open Economy with Growing Debt," Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 55, March 2018 (with George Kudrna)[ABDC List: A]
  4. "Fiscal Austerity Measures: Spending Cuts vs. Tax Increases,"  Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 22, Marh 2018 (with Gerhard Glomm and Juergen Jung)[ABDC List: A]
  5. "Aging and Health Financing in the US: A General Equilibrium Analysis," European Economic Review, Vol. 100, November 2017 (with Juergen Jung and Matt Chambers)[ABDC List: A*]
  6. "Market Inefficiency, Insurance Mandate and Welfare: U.S. Health Care Reform 2010," Review of Economic Dynamics, April 2016, Vol. 20, 132-159 (with Juergen Jung)[ADBC List: A*] 
  7. "Fiscal Policy as a Temptation Control Device," Economic Modelling, Vol. 55, June 2016 [ABDC List: A] 
  8. "The Dynamic Fiscal Effects of Demographic Shift: The Case of Australia," Economic Modelling, Vol. 50, November 2015 (with George Kudrna and Alan Woodland)[ABDC List: A]
  9. "Medical Consumption over the Life Cycle: Facts from a U.S. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey," Empirical Economics, Vol. 47(3), November 2014 (with Juergen Jung)[ABDC List: A] 
  10. "Trade-Offs in Means-Tested Pension Design", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, October 2014, Vol. 47, 72-93 (with Alan Woodland)[ABDC List: A*]
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  14. "Macroeconomic Implications of Early Retirements in the Public Sector: The case of Brazil", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, April 2009, Vol. 33, 777-797 (with Gerhard Glomm and Juergen Jung)[ABDC List: A*]

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