Productivity Commission Presentation at RSE

Productivity Commission Presentation

Ever wondered where your Economics degree might take you?

This session, given by the PC Executive Manager, provides RSE students the opportunity to gain insight into how research and inquiries are conducted by the Productivity Commission (PC). The session also provides opportunity for engagement with one of Australia’s prominent Economists.

Join Dr Ralph Lattimore, Executive Manager (Canberra) Productivity Commission to discuss sugar taxes: 

Many health care groups in Australia – such as the AMA and the Public Health Association - have been strongly advocating that sweetened beverages (in the main soft drinks) be subject to a tax on their sugar content. The Australian Governments have so far resisted the idea. Internationally, many governments now tax such drinks, most recently the United Kingdom, which introduced a tax in April this year. These initiatives follow rising concerns about a ‘globesity’ epidemic (a global rise in obesity levels) and ever increasing rates of type II diabetes. But what is the evidence behind such taxes and will they work? If one was introduced, what should it look like? Above all, if you were looking at this issue, what conceptual and empirical methods would be brought together to provide a balanced assessment? This seminar sheds light on this contemporary policy issue, but also
on the approaches that are useful for tackling many other knotty policy issues.

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10am Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018

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11am Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018


Fred Gruen Seminar Room, HW Arndt Building 25a


Dr Ralph Lattimore, Executive Manager (Canberra) Productivity Commission

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